Monday, August 31, 2009

The Con Job News

All the networks are doing it. They've been doing it since the beginning. Most of the mouth pieces actually believe what they assert because they are well heeled dupes who can speak correctly. Conning people depends on gaining their confidence. The networks haven't even realized yet that they have lost the people's confidence and we are only in the beginning of the collapse of the old system. The more they green shoot themselves in the foot the more their credibility will suffer. Now they are claiming underwear sales demonstrate the economy is going to be fine.

Naturally what these shills want you to believe is everything will work out. They are eating up time until the economy reprices itself after drastic swings in the amount of currency in circulation. However, this time around the central bankers at the Federal Reserve Board really screwed up. The boom/bust manner in which they normally game us for banksters' fun and profit went too far this time. The cool thing is this swindle has gone so wrong that the more the politicos and pundits claim everything is fine right down to your underwear makes them all look like little naked emperors. They strut across our television screens with all their grandeur proclaiming the finery of the new economy. Politicians hear ye hear ye about green jobs being sewn together for the jobless millions.

Everyday this old paradyne is closer to its demise. Instead of hearing the anger of desperate and concerned Americans protesting at Tea Parties, the media and politicians insult them. Now 57% want to replace the entire Congress. Well just wait by next election day. If we are allowed to vote that number should be in the high nineties. Sadly, those kindly politicians who are swearing their stimulus snake oil has saved the day are in reality building huge concentration camps around the country. They are going to give us the internment treatment because they are scared of the American people.

So it is vital, no matter how angry you become about your situation economically, to remain calm and nonviolent. That is what the ruling elite hopes for so they can crack down. Defy them by remaining peaceful. Concentrate on acquiring and storing food. Rally together as families and live together until we can ride out this bankster currency calamity. Just doing this will keep you very busy so you'll have little time for violence. Barter for your needs. is a great resource to trade your items and skills to fill your needs. The politicians and networks just hate this site so you know must be doing something right.

Try to survive amigos. I think time and God are on our side.


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