Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Enemy

I know many, if not most of you, don't like hearing me say bad things about the government. You have been trained to think of this as unpatriotic so I understand. Besides, just the thought of the possibility that I might be right is too stressful to even contemplate. So it is more comforting to attack Tomas than to think about what you are being warned about. This is especially so with Cuban exiles. Exiles battling the Castro oligarchy have always depended on the U.S. government as an ally. It is the main reason Cuba remains locked in the position it is in today. The U.S. oligarchy prefers it that way. To allow change to occur without that change being controlled and exploited by the bankers does not interest those bankers.

Do you really want to free Cuba? Those of you who not only say they do but really mean it had better take a closer look at your main ally. The ally is your enemy. The ally treats all of us like childish farm animals to be milked for money and constantly sheared of our human freedoms. The enemy probes us and corrals us more everyday. The enemy gets more obvious too yet exiles cling to the notion that it is those darn Democrats that are ruining things and if only the Republicans were in charge things would be different. No they would not. The leadership of both parties has been hijacked by the enemy and is an extension of our enemy. Amigos, the longer you refuse to see this the longer you will wait to step onto free Cuban soil.

I'm thankful that many of you who initially condemned me have now seen the light. Shine that light in the direction of the other exiles because our time is running short. The enemy has some bad plans in store for us. The enemy cannot afford to have one unifying issue like the economy, which they have devastated, to unify the people. So they require another cataclysmic event to blame for the crash of the economy. Don't be out FOXed amigos by the television. The enemy owns it all. They use it to play the cows against the sheep. They are MSNBC messing with your mind.

So if you want a free Cuba forget about Castro and the other enemies in front of you. Before you can deal with them you have to get that enemy out of your rear!


Blogger Alfredo Jordan said...

As always, sharp and correct to the point. Can we emancipate minds? Yes, one at the time, and only those willing to commit themselves.
Thanks again Tomas

11:59 AM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

You're welcome amigo. We are in a race with time.

8:16 AM  

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