Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pawns In Global Chess

That is how the average guy or gal in the street is thought of and treated by the various ruling oligarchies of the world. The fact is we all possess varying degrees of intelligence and talents. The rulers prey on the intellectually weak members of society and use modern communications to fool most of the smarter folks as well.

A pawn is picked up by a player and forced to move in a direction preferred by that player. Besides the pawn, the fruits of the pawn's labor are moved and used as well to counteract the moves of the other players in the game. Real chess is two dimensional. Global chess is multidimensional with many player of differing motivations, alliances and strengths. However, behind all the needs and dreams of these players are the countless millions of pawns struggling to just get by after their personal wealth has been stolen from them. The struggle foisted upon them has the additional benefit to the players in that it forces the pawn to use up vast quantities of his time to overcome his losses. This leaves little time to enlighten himself about the game he is forced to play.

The longer the game continues the more labor that must be stolen from the pawns to confront the other players in the game doing likewise. In the end the pawns always revolt once the weight of the demands of the players become too great. Sadly though, after the violence stop a new game is immediately started, often by the very same players in past games.

The solution is to stop these games played by the snobs in power. We pawns in the game must refuse to play these games any longer and develop fundamental moral codes with one another to protect our interests for a change - a real change! Right off the bat that requires adopting the non-aggression principle. Basically it means I won't attack you or your property and you agree to not attack me or my property. If none of us pawns initiate an attack on any of the other pawns then we can spend our time just getting richer especially if we all stop playing games with the oligarchies that have been gaming us all.

You want to build a nicer world? Well you are not going to be led there by any of the leaders currently gaming us. So stop this nonsense that either the Republican or Democrat leadership is going to do anything good for us. We pawns must bind ourselves in a pact to protect each other from the global gamers and agree to never hurt or steal from other pawns. Once this occurs we will no longer be pawns. We will be free men and women.


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