Monday, August 03, 2009


I did something that I rarely do this morning. I watched a bit of MSNBC. Their little 'Joe" panel made simple things sound so complicated. In a nutshell, they were putting the full court press scapegoating for this bad economy. To these idiotas it is all about the excess bonus pay and too big to fail. Not once did these jawboning fools mention the root cause of our financial woes - the Federal Reserve Board and their fiat money scheme.

Their centrally planned currency crack allows the Fed banksters to create artificial demands for wealth in the form of Federal Reserve notes. They always try to create more of these notes for credit than just and necessary merely to maintain a smooth running economy. This distorts the pricing structure of the goods and services we purchase. Basically, the extra money competes to buy the same amount of goods and services which drives the prices up. In the process the central banksters make a profit just for counterfeiting in this manner. When they don't inflate the money they do not make the profit since they are not counterfeiting.

The more extra currency crack the Fed creates the more profit they earn. However, in all cases historically, central banks can't resist and eventually cause the currency to collapse because of this greedy nonsense. Then some new money created by the same central planning banksters will replace the old discredited money and we start the whole dance over again. Can you say "Ground Hogs Day?"

There is one noteworthy exception to this not so merry-go-round. Our founders understood very well this currency crack swindle and wrote right into the Constitution that our money must be made of gold and silver. The cool thing about precious metal money is it actually has value unlike the paper stuff. Those fiat notes are actually promises made by thieves and liars while constitutional money has value and that value remains constant and stable. With constant and stable money that doesn't constantly rise and fall in value along with the boom/bust cycle it creates we have a stable pricing structure for business and individual commerce.

The trouble is most Americans do not understand these basic economic laws and find themselves up that creek with no paddle. This is not rocket science. Does not airing these facts over the G.E. owned network cause them not to exist or be valid? Is paper fiat money preferable to Constitutional gold and silver money just because the bankster owned networks say so on TV?

TURN THE STUPID MACHINE OFF! Think for yourselves just for a minute amigos with the TV off.


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