Friday, August 07, 2009

Central Planners

Is there even one example of central planning that is better than free market alternatives? I know of no historical models. The fact is the bigger the group of fools that allow themselves to be centrally planned the bigger the disaster. Why do we do it?

I believe it is in our social make up. The trouble is we experience the main human collective centrally planned system - the family - then expect this model to work everywhere all the time. So we permit mommie and daddy governments to treat us like children, snoop on us, spend our money for us and direct our time. They censor the information we are allow to know about like the truth about the Federal Reserve Board - for our own good of course. To the central planners, knowing what the Fed is doing is pornography that must be kept from our view. Knowing about the Fed might give us nightmares. So why doesn't parental centrally planned government work?

Love... You see amigos with most families the members love each other and will sacrifice to aide their family members. The princes and princesses that hold domain over us all these days love their family members as well most times. However, they don't give a rat's ass about you or me. So we go and give them the power to oversee our lives right down to the toilet we can install then wonder why we are broke and increasingly abused by these parents?

Come on amigos! It's time to wake up, grow up and take back your power to be individuals - if for no other reason than to save your own family. The more power these central planning parents grab the worse our individual families become. If you can't see that yet, probably because you are still watching the mommie and daddy approved networks, then may God have mercy on you and your family.


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Excellent inside view.

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