Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pirate Ethics

Why are Americans always stunned to learn, for example, that Obama might just have to raise taxes on the middle class? It amazes me. Americans always blindly vote for the pirates suggested for the particular office by the bankster mainstream media. I say blindly because it's obvious to me that most pull the level on election day without more than one thought as they vote - are they Republican or Democrat? This feeble approach to electing our representatives gives us the outlaw representation that the majority deserves. However, it's sure not fair to millions of good American who oppose theft and free range slavery.

Tomas never votes blindly. To even be considered for my vote a candidate must always adhere to strict principles and act accordingly. Why do we have such a bad government that most deserve? That's because most Americans have very few guiding moral principles themselves. The majority of Americans are perfectly fine with the government stealing the fruits of the labor of supposedly free individuals. Yet it is almost universal the hatred for how the crooks spend the loot. Most think good moral principles are spending the loot the way they believe it should be spent.

Tomas never goes there and none of my representation does either. How many of you have asked the philosophical question, "If the rulers can take any percentage of my personal labor for their purposes how can I be considered a free man?" Look at it this way. You must admit that 100 % taking of all your labor output would be outright slavery, right? At what percentage does this no longer become slavery? Remember, even at only one percent the government owns it and also you. The difference between one percent and one hundred percent is simply the fact that the rulers have learned that their slaves will work harder for the higher percentage. But in either case the slave is being milked for his or her labor.

So Tomas never gets to debate the question of how the loot is spent. It is stolen property even at one percent and therefore ill gotten goods. People have said that I waste my vote voting only for morally acceptable candidates. Well the only person I ever voted for who is actually in government today is Ron Paul. So I'm 1 and 0 for picking winners. All my other choices were pro liberty candidates that the majority of you did not pick so they lost. Either that or if the particular office didn't have a pro liberty candidate I refused to vote for any of the choices. I didn't want to give the winner the illusion that I supported their free range slave operation.

The good news is Americans are beginning to give these moral questions more of their thinking time. The bad news is the current rulers are nervous and worried they will lose their free range slave operation to a revolt. To combat this danger to our masters they must treat more of us as the old fashion ball and chain slaves and dispose of the more pesky, uppity ones among the herd. However, there are too many of us if we all wise up to their operation.

There are logical ways to fund legitimate functions of government without reverting to slavery and theft. We can discuss them if you all would quit squabbling over how the current government pirates should spend the loot.


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