Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gods Bush And Obama

You worship them don't you? Well perhaps you only worship one as a god and believe the other to be the devil. But from my perspective they would both have to be gods if what they both do is legitimate. At any rate you good believers permit the gods to do many things unchallenged. For example, both of these gods detain Arab children right to this very day and torture them in Cuba on the base that my great grandfather rented to the U.S. Some folks are mad at him about Guantanamo but one must remember that the U.S. back then wanted way more than just one naval base in Cuba - but my great grandfather resisted and only rented them one for 99 years. The current lease he did not approve for an open ended arrangement.

These two gods, Bush and Obama, regularly send their angels, many in the form of flying drones without pilots, to snuff out the life of those that these gods agree are both guilty and innocent. The gods have their heavily armed angels ensuring that only god approved speech is permitted in public. Those that defy the gods on this one usually get tazed, roughed up then put in a cell for a day or so before being released. So the gods can take our liberty any time they see fit.

These gods regularly attempt to restrict the former right of individuals to protect themselves using the most effective device invented thus far - the gun. However, the gods are having a more difficult time implementing their will when it comes to gun owners. It makes one wonder if it is a sign that maybe these two are not really gods at all.

Mom used to remind you to behave because God was always watching. In this respect our two most recent White House gods are on par with the God that I was told was the only real God in existence. Bush and Obama both peek into the most intimate aspects of our personal and financial lives just like the old God used to do. Maybe he still does?

Well the majority of you Americans can go ahead and cheerfully permit these two men to possess the power of God and have dominion over your lives. As for Tomas, I'll stick with the old guy I was brought up with. That God seems far more just to me than these false idols. To me these pretenders don't have a clue how to run a universe and only really want power over us.



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