Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Health Care Debate

The fact is there is no debate as usual. The rulers are talking about two different sides of the same coin. So lets stop all this nonsense and get to the crux of the issue. Americans who are still working who have not been put out of work by sorry government policy earn plenty of wealth to afford fine health care. The problem lies in the absolute reality that much of our wealth is forcibly stolen from us to pay for the international bankster military empire. Our troops are the mercenaries that prop up tin horn dictators, banana republic generals and royal rulers in order to exploit the resources and slave labor of the occupied nations. To sum up, the international corporate and bankster elite reap trillions in cash and prizes and we the people of the United States of America get to pay for their priviledge.

This lack of health care therefore is the fault of our own government for stealing the income we need to pay for health care. Yet many Americans believe this gang of thieves should run a health care system. ARE THEY MAD?

Our bankster controlled government sees us as cows to be milked for labor. They are ruthless to maintain this free range slave operation...but people are waking up and the banksters are losing control. Health care is one of their stabs at regaining the control they only recently held over we the people of the United States of America. The plan it to cut their operational medical cost by rationing care as is the case with every national health scheme like in England and Canada. Basically it's a two tier system. Those free range slaves working and earning revenue for the bossman banksters go on the A list where the service is not too bad. But others not working go on the B list where they usually die with the condition they got in line for as is the case with retirees. The other part of the plan is for you to be bio-chipped to received your free medical care. From there forward you will be broadcasting all of your vitals. Your branding by government will close the noose for the bankster free range slave plantation and the irony is their top manager will be a black man - Obama...


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