Friday, July 24, 2009

To Bonus Or Not To Bonus

That is the question...being driven by the left/right media to keep the duped masses squabbling amongst themselves. Before long we'll have a department of bonus's and pay raises. Have any of you looked into the pay raises at the very, very top? How about checking out the Rockefeller balance sheet? What's the Rothschild's pulling down these day. Let's not forget about the lucky boys and girls connected with the Federal Reserve Board.

You see amigos, the wealthy and poor alike should be on the same side. There is only a small number at the very, very top connected with a monopoly cartel that completely controls our money supply and basic natural resource needs like fuel and food. They employ their media network monopoly to feed the envy and avarice that does sow most of the conflict and chaos that plagues our world.

We will all continue to suffer at the hands of each other driven by the greedy manipulations of the international corpomafia/bankster elite until we realize this. Forget about how much your neighbor makes and concentrate on what the very top earn.



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