Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Minding The Shills So You Don't Have To

Please! Amigos...stop watching network so-called information type programming like CNBC. Let me do it for you and decipher what they are doing to you. Speaking of this General Electric owned network for example, they had on a Federal Reserve Board shill on this morning. He even named Ron Paul and his bill to audit the Federal Reserve then he insinuated that if passed the bill would harm the economy. He spoke about the independence of the Fed as the reason the bill was bad. But amigos, how does the Congressional Budget Office having a look at the books of this group of private banks which form the cartel that supplies our money harm the economy?

On the face of it the idea that the Federal Reserve Board is somehow independent is ludicrous at best. Even the most unschooled individual on economics can see this is a bold face lie just by the actions that the board has taken during the past year. The reason for the very existence of the Fed if you can believe it is to, "maintain price stability and be the lender of last resort." Almost five dollar a gallon gasoline followed by one dollar fifty cents petrol all within six months blows that notion right out of the water. Then in three months the price jacks back up forty percent. Fuel is our economy's life blood. How the hell are you supposed to price anything with these types of price mood swings never before seen in our nation's history?

No sirree! The fact is the Federal Reserve Board is not independent from the Treasury Department and U.S. government. They are part of the group of private individuals who control the Treasury and the U.S. government. Luckily, the American public is waking up to this fact and wondering what the devil the Federal Reserve Board has to hide? Even the Congress has awakened to this undeniable reality of twenty-first century American society. There is serious rumblings about a second revolution and even my almost ninety year old mother asked me if I thought we would have one. I told her yes I was certain we would. However, I explained that I hoped it would not be a violent one but that it was a distinct possibility.

Wouldn't it be better to just audit the Federal Reserve Board...especially before we let the government hand over even more power to this collection of private bankers who have their shills all over their airwaves these days putting the full court press on your thinking? Think of this moment as the time when the British were invading and you are Paul Revere. It's time to spread the word and rally the troops! Mount up on your computers and ride out onto the Internet plains with the warning: THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS COMING!!! THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS COMING!!!

Deliver many of these calls to your Congressmen and Senators and demand that they support the bill to audit the Fed. Explain that any who fail to do this will be defeated in the next election by our overwhelming numbers and the ability to use those numbers against them in November and beyond. This American rabble will soon become impossible to govern as the truth emerges. This is especially so if we can get the Fed audited by the C.B.O. But doing this will prevent another violent revolution because it will be obvious once the books have been briefly scanned that this banking cartel is the real cause of our economic woes. The audit will show that this economic terrorism was done intentionally and for sinister purpose as well. Then we'll not only have proper trials and punishment for these scoundrels, we'll begin to repair our economy virtually overnight. That we should all abandon Federal Reserve note fiat free range slave currency will be obvious. After the audit everyone will see the wisdom of having sound money based on gold and silver as called for in the Constitution. So with the criminals in jail and the economy roaring again with real money who will have time to fight when they can be earning lots of that real money?

So get on your Internet horses and ride...
We want to know what do they have to hide?


Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The shill is back pretending to be Fantomas now. I headed to work today certain that this post would get a rise out of the scum traitors to America. They hate it when I tell the truth. Bernanke warned today that auditing the Fed will damage it's credibility and that's bad for the economy. Well I say if they are hiding something that would damage their credibility then the American public needs to know about it.

Meanwhile back at the ranch my shill is beating off internet Indians single-handedly. But you are still blocked on this blog you maggot! Stop pretending to be Fantomas.

2:25 PM  

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