Monday, August 15, 2011

How To Treat Cancer

When I read this cancer insider's words about the cancer treatment industry I nodded in agreement. But a shock ran through me when I read she treated her breast cancer effectively using essiac.

I recommended essiac to my friend Ricky's mother who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They said she had six months to live. He got her the essiac because she refused to have her own throat, voice box and tongue surgically removed as treatment. A month or so later the doctors said there was no sign of the cancer.

This essiac worked but there's a caveat to this story. When Rick's mom ran out of essiac the lump began to return. Ricky got her more essiac and the lump went away. Then she refused to take more essiac, the cancer returned and she died. She was tired of living and decided to move on. However, as long as she took that essiac she was cancer free.

Most of the ingredients for essiac can be grown in the garden and the slippery elm part is widely available. A month's supply of essiac costs about $30 commercially and you'll want to buy it freshly produced and not sitting on a shelf. There's the problem for the billion dollar cancer industry. There's no money in it for them so they hide the truth and feed us snake oils.

Cancer patients are desperate to live so I'm hoping they get this message of hope, take essiac and live rather than chemo and die a slow death. This will expose a giant sector or the criminal conspiracy between this government and big pharma/cancer research. I'd love to have cancer surviving families joining our movement for the truth. This government is killing us.



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