Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking Voting Orders

Since the invention of mass media the rulers have been telling us how to vote. This was accomplished through clever Madison Avenue marketing strategies applied to a knave public that absolutely included yours truly.

One of the main tools deployed in steering the election the globalist candidates' way has been the omission - the network black out. Even though a majority of Americans are wise to this ancient tactic the sorry networks keep trying it. Here is an example where they put out another poll that excluded Ron Paul's name from being mentioned. It's like if they just don't say the forbidden, taboo name then Ron Earnest Paul cannot win.

That 54.94 % for other is of course Ron Paul's numbers. The establishment is frantic. They know the numbers for Ron Paul show he will still take the Republican nomination despite the election fraud planned to counter his real honest American candidacy. The last thing these crooks want is an earnest president.

Sadly for them that's Ron Paul's middle name. So provided the rulers don't get away with another false flag attack...AGAIN...or assassinate Ron Paul he will be America's next president. That means a few thousand of America's top political and corporate movers and shakers will be heading off to jail - or worse.

Finally, just remember this. Ron Paul as the Republican nominee will crush Barrack Obama for the presidency. ALL of the other establishment globalist puppet candidates like Rick Perry will more than likely lose because they offer the same shtick as Obama but don't read the teleprompter as well as Barrack.

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