Friday, August 19, 2011

Needs Aren't Rights

This is my response to Freddy on Facebook:

So as I understand your thinking Freddy, the government took over health care starting in the 1960's with medicare and medicaid plus they've been taking a growing portion of our personal labor output to pay for all of the things that many consider rights like health care, food, education and such. Now it is clear that it is the government that is in the hip pocket of big pharma and the insurance industry and a bunch of other big banksters and multi national corporations.

Not surprisingly we can't afford to pay for adequate Social Security to get grandma off the cat food, Medicare has been cut and many can't afford health care now much less food and housing - but the corporations in bed with the grand arbitrator of rights du jour and general fairness, the government, are raking in record profits. So you tell me Freddy if you wouldn't mind. What's your plan to use the government to get these rights to everything we need to exist.

I'm certainly not minimizing the importance of the things you categorize as rights then demand the government make them happen. I prefer to think of things like food, water, health care, housing, etc. as vital human needs rather than rights. Is it wise to place these vital human needs to be delivered to us by a criminal organization? Is it working out currently? Wouldn't it be better to be free and control the fruits of our own labor?

There is no need to share the harvest of others at the end of a government gun. It's not labor we have to share. It's the earth. While we squabble about getting our rights by virtue of the forced kindness of others the globalist control the vast majority of the planet and all the resources. They are ranking us over the coals and renting us our rights to everything including even our money. If you want to be fair leave everybody's labor alone. We need it to buy bread and other daily needs.

Instead, go after the globalist's land holdings. Fund government with a tax based on location value as well as resource depletion. The vast majority of people own no location and would pay zero tax. Naturally, the wealthiest own the best locations and would pay the highest tax. Also, the big corpo's own all the resource rich land and would pay high tax as well. Read "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George and you will get an entirely different perspective on how we could do things much more fairly.



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