Monday, May 23, 2011

Drink Your Radiation Fools!

What suckers the people have become. They have been schooled to trust individuals for their protection who have crawled their way into positions of power over others. In the video below Alex blows the whistle on Texas officials right up to their "environment protection" agency through to the governor himself.

The media is of course in on the deception as they have only announced that radioactivity has been found in the Texas tap water. They want the lone star to focus on that fact and not the main one that is important. The radioactivity comes from the wastes produced in mining that we the public know as fluoride that has been intentionally added to the tap water even though the above public servant creeps knew all about it.

Here is the sinister beauty of this form of treason. These cats everybody calls "your honor" and "your excellency" have a whole toxic smorgasbord of potions to make people dumb as a rock especially if they haven't started out as the brightest bulbs in the box in the first place. The national I.Q. is lowered substantially and what's left of the intellect very often is consumed dealing with the diseases foisted upon individuals by the very people responsible for protecting them. Before most can figure out why life is so cruel to them they've been sent to an early grave and no longer a burden for the ones who put them out of their misery. The few like myself who see what's going on scream the alarm risking my own neck and I get tagged a conspiracy theorist. The networks swear that these radioactive water, injections of syphilis, LSD experiment incidents were all innocent mistakes and they will never happen again.

Since when has government abolished conspiracies? The fact is conspiracies have and always will exist as long as the conspirators can get away with it.

It's like this. Government has become the shoplifter. They swipe whatever they like from Store USA. The proprietors, the American people complain but the government shoplifters do nothing, call the complainers conspiracy theorists or kill them. The government shoplifters have gotten away with looting Store USA and fooling most of the proprietors as well for so long now they feel they can just do whatever they like. You see they add stuff to the water cooler to dull the senses. The trouble is Store USA like any business must make a profit or go out of business. But the government shoplifters don't care about that and steal even faster now as they see the going out of business signs on the wall. The danger time is near the end for the government shoplifters or the proprietors. Once the majority of the proprietors realize it's the government itself doing the shoplifting they will turn on those responsible and give them what they deserve. The government shoplifters realized this fact long ago so they have a plan for them and Store USA. They will burn it down killing many of the proprietors then blame it on the proprietors wise to the government shoplifter's conspiracy or some other foe du jour. There is a final solution. Either the government shoplifters will get away with murder or the proprietors of Store USA will wise up and realize they have been chiseled by cutthroats.

At this point I'd say the government shoplifters have a slight edge in the odds but the timing is not ready for their final solution yet. They can't pull the trigger too soon or they will be caught. But the longer they wait the more Store USA proprietors that will wake up to the conspiracy. It's a quandary for the shoplifters who never stop shoplifting until they get caught. Everybody knows that.


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