Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Traitors Create Myths

Here in the video below it demonstrates aptly how the powerful operate to cover their own asses using the government we pay for to do things quite to the contrary. Gary Franchi explains how this Tylanol/Ted Krazinski DNA story is actually pure propaganda meant to protect corporate profits and asses. These news stories are never actually news. They lay the foundation to fool the people and these stunts go back at least to turn of the 20th century America when the national newspapers became centrally controlled. Those newspapers owned by Randolph Hearst are the reason we have an income tax today even those the 16th Amendment was never legally passed by the states. The newspapers colluding with government just claimed the amendment passed and didn't report the complaints from any of the state government officials when they protested that it was not so. Perhaps this was the first usage of the complete national blackout of news to make things that happened never happen and vice versa. Of course it didn't take long for the state government's to shut up about this fraud once they realized they could grab a heaping slice of the illegal income tax pie.

You see all I have to do amigos is just show you convincingly one time how this gang of snakes has stabbed America in the back too many time to count and you will see who our real enemies are. They are the federal regulatory agencies and all of our secret police and many not so secret. Their gang includes all of the big network media and national newspapers which make the whole dog and pony show deceptions possible for the consuming audience. Add to the cabal the banking and corporate elites. Most Americans like my family members don't want to believe me about the scoundrels but if I can get any of them to examine the facts to see how these mass deceptions are pulled off then they no longer will be fooled. The good news from my world is my family and friends have gone from thinking me crazy for not trusting the above gang to them hoping I'm wrong while worrying I may be correct. The majority of Americans can't even entertain the idea that we are under such corrupt powers because they are weak and frightened by the ramifications of such treason.


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