Friday, May 27, 2011

TSA Texas Succession

If the illegal TSA goes through with the nonsense threat to blockage Texas for not agreeing to be groped then Texan's should consider succession. Naturally the illegal criminals controlling the federal government will send in goons to force Texans to submit to foreign tyranny but that will be futile. There are not enough federal goons. They would be surrounded by armed Texans.

My hat's off to the Texans who yesterday stormed the capital building in Austin to let the tyrants know who is the boss in America - the PEOPLE! Once the rest of the people understand that these usurpation's of our Constitutional rights have nothing to do with fighting terrorism and everything to do with controlling the people while covering up high crimes and treason, the traitors are finished.

Let me sum up the situation. Tyranny doesn't pay. If the majority of Americans were doing just fine making a decent living then the traitors could have gotten away with their plans for our conquest. But tyranny itself is a terrible business plan with no profit in it for the people. Only the elites make fabulous money and have lavish lifestyles while they put the screws to the people like they were cows. Today in America there are two basic classes in the majority economically speaking. There are those who are unemployed and those working but worried for their jobs. This is the reason people are focusing on the government now.

The crimes that these traitors have gotten away with are well documented just like was done by the Nazis and Soviets in the past. The scum are proud of their tyrannical achievements and must have it recorded like a serial killer keeps trophies from his victims. These tyrants depend on the people remaining ignorant forever. Fortunately central planners always screw up the economy which is causing the people to learn the truth about the treason of our political leadership and the mainstream media's complicity.

Most politicians and police are good people who, like the average American, have been fooled by traitors undermining America. It is the leadership that is corrupt and who must be routed from power. Once the majority of Americans realize there is treason going on here then the majority of politicians and police will do the right thing. Backed by the people the decent politicians will find it easy to stand up to the tyrants. The police will reclaim their traditional roles as peace officers for the people and not the tip of the spear for the globalist social engineers tearing America down. From the White House, the leadership in the U.S. Capital and their traitors in the state and local government leadership position, the tyrants should fear for their futures.

Your days remaining in power are numbered, traitors. It's a small number that even social engineers, traitors and inbred banking elites can count up to.


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