Monday, April 18, 2011

Globalista's Use Trump - Covering All The Angles

The reason the Globalista's cover all the angles is to put the American people in a political box. Take the Trump campaign. His agenda is simple. People are mad as hell at rising pump prices. So the Donald's campaign promise is to just steal oil from Libya and cut the price of gas with the flood of cheap freshly stolen black gold.

Somebody tell the Donald that this oil is already spoken for by B.P. Apparently, Trump is being maneuvered to be a possible puppet presidential choice. The NSA wing of the Globalista world empire told the top planet central planners that gas prices are tops on America's mind. The planet planners have deployed their network media monopoly to demonize Qaddafi to lay the ground work to justify taking his oil.

But it's all nonsense. Again this is a diversionary smoke screen to hide what is actually happening. Trumps campaign is built on the promise of cheaper gasoline. That ain't gonna happen for a spell no matter which one of the upcoming Globalista choices we get suckered into choosing. I'm not hopeful as each one of the past few picks are more and more like a cross between Caligula and Nero with a dash of Hitler sprinkled under the surface. So the moron majority certainly is dumb enough to elect Trump believing he will cut gas prices.

It's total BS. Twelve big Globalista's control the price of oil and the number they like is $200 a barrel. This will finish off the U.S. economy and the American people. Then the Globalista's get their international debit card scam in a cashless world where possession of gold and silver is an international crime. In ten years or so the control systems will be in place along with the elimination of the necessary individuals who got in the way of Globalista world domination. Then gas prices will be right reasonable for the survivors. This will be especially so when the vast American petrol reserves are finally tapped by the Globalista's and brought into the marketplace.

However, wouldn't it be better to elect Americans next year? Almost every member of Congress as well as the Senators up for election must be fired in 2012 then replaced with anti Globalista choices. Apparently, since he is being so regularly touted, Pawlenty is the last person we should pick for president as he is an obvious stooge of the Globalista's whether or not he knows it. President Ron Paul will work with the new American dominated Congress to eliminate the real cause of high prices - the criminal Federal Reserve Board. They will bring domestic energy sources hidden so long from the American public into production right now. These two things alone will reduce gas prices as well as allow greater job creation under a monetary system where the currency's value remains stable. Real money never loses value. Only fiat paper money will lose value when it is exponentially increased in circulation by criminal banking cartels. You better believe if Americans make these suggested choices then real money will be legalized and counterfeit fiat bank cartel currency outlawed.


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