Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saudis Cutting Us Off

That's right amigos. The kingdom of oil has seen and now understands what the globalista's big plans are and they are not going to lay down for it. They and other nations are cozying up to Russia and China and who could blame them? The same globalista's that funded the rise of Hitler and the Nazis are running the America fascists production as well.

The Saudi royal family now understands that they too are being thrown under the bus so they will not fuel up that bus as well. By cutting production the Saudis will surely throw a monkey wrench into the timing of the big globalista take-over of the planet. This is a wise move on their part. They realize they have been swindled and it makes no sense to play ball with the western swindler any longer.

The same holds true for the BRICS. These countries are forming a coalition to protect themselves. The truth be told, which is not something done on American network TV, the rest of the planet knows about the cabal of criminals who have secretly seized control of America and much of the western nations. They see us as the new Axis of Evil. Who could blame them? Both the Nazi and American governments believed heavily in using torture. Both attacked other countries militarily based on false flag attacks that were blamed on these countries. This was possible in each case due to total control of the media. Assassination was an official policy of Nazi Germany and America too extra judicially murders whistle blowers, political figures or anyone that the cabal feels might be a threat to their gang.

Actually these moves by other nations acting in their own self interests is a good thing. Our founding fathers warned of power being concentrated into a few hands so anything that decentralizes power is good for the planet. I just have one big favor to ask of the rest of the earth's inhabitants. Please don't hold the majority of the American people responsible for this fiasco. I know the American people and most are really nice people who only see the world through the networks, national newspapers and other blatant globalista owned propaganda operations. They are hopelessly duped by these murderous dogs secretly running the show. So before you act out in a rage against Americans you would be better off showing a bit of pity for them instead.

That might sound crazy after the U.S. coalitions of the willing murderers has dropped some bombs on your house but hear this. Americans die by the millions each year just from cancer alone. They don't realize it yet but they are being soft-killed by their own criminal government. It's why we Americans have the highest cancer rate in the world. The reason our government does this is they can't afford to pay for our old age benefits which were promised but can never be delivered as they have squandered all the loot. So as bad as being murdered instantly in your own home is by American drones usually one dies quickly. I've seen the years of excruciating pain one goes through after being given cancer by the food, drink and medicine here in the U.S.

Add to this the chemical lobotomies American's get from the crap they ingest. Most Americans can no longer think clearly and find themselves in a mental fog. One only need look at commercials on TV to see that they are geared towards children of feeble intellect. It's so sad that it's funny and most American haven't realized the joke's on them.

Finally, now that the western globalista oligarchs are double crossing America, the people are finally waking up to the truth that the rest of the world already knows about. In America today the finishing touches are being put on the secret police control grid that will spring into action when the American people revolt. We have numerous concentration camps all around the country just waiting for the big round-up. We will be put into one of two groups of internees. Either we'll do prison labor or we'll be exterminated. Some of the camps have huge gas ovens just waiting for us. The globalista's have millions coffins waiting too when they release the next bio-attack on us. And let's not forget that they have nukes as well to detonate in America that it will blame on others.

In short, if you think it's bad what the globalista controlled American government has done to you just wait until you see what they are fixing to do to us. If you don't have pity for Americans already you will once the globalista get to these next phases of their plans. That's why I like seeing other nations forming coalitions to protect their interests from the globalista's. Anything that occupies their time and keeps them busy may just delay the cabal long enough for enough Americans to wise up. If that happens I can assure you of this. The guilty WILL be punished if the American people learn the truth. So keep the globalista's busy for us and pity poor America. One last warning. If you come to America don't drink the city tap water. It's got poison in it. True it probably won't harm you if you're only here for a couple of weeks. But why take chances especially with children?


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