Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Politicians To Get Egyptian Treatment Too

The truth is most politicians haven't a clue as to what's really happening to America today. They are a reflection of the average American. This of course does not mean that the leadership is not penetrated by lots traitors. However, I think most congressmen and senators are just ignorant.

So I'm here to wise you all up. You too are going to get the Egyptian treatment. I realized this because of all the screw ups that are being released by the media making the lot of you look like bozos. Plus these foreign attackers have the goods on many of you politicos and it appears they plan to use it if necessary. The strategy is to freeze the Congress at a time when we really need a strong Congress unified under one banner. That being we are under attack. Many of our federal police intelligence agencies have been penetrated by the enemy. The enemy controls our money supply through the Federal Reserve. In short you congressmen and senators have a big fat target on you now by these traitors. Have you thought about what you will do about it?

Here's an idea...come clean. Confess your sins to America and tell them why you do so at this time as a unified congress. Say you leaders on the Hill finally have seen that we are under attack mostly through economic means but they have crippled us nonetheless as much or more so than bombs. Mostly the traitors have petty things on you like adultery, homosexuality and other peccadilloes which at the end of the day in light of this grave attack are nonsense issues meant to divide and distract. Those who have more serious skeletons in the closet should resign now and head for the border because you are about to get outed anyhow.

To sum up you must go on the offensive against the real enemies of America immediately as a unified Congress or accept responsibility for America being topple by these enemies.


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