Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Life As A Debt Slave

This little video is how most Americans think and how they are being swindled. But it's all fine according to the government. Public schools teach nonsense then colleges take it from there for an astronomically high price that must be financed.

In short most of you have become debt slaves. Don't get me wrong...we're all slaves. I'm different in that the banking master class has not profited off of this slave. I'm a cash and carry kind of guy. I kept my children out of school as much as I could get away with so I could see that they were educated more than indoctrinated. Also, I'm a do-it-yourself person. Every time I fix my own car or do something myself like grow my own food I am going around the banking class leeches.

In short, you have been indoctrinated to believe that without banks you would die. But if one day we all pulled together we could drive the international bankers out of business. I say we are Americans and we are the owners of the country. I say you own your house or business right now and that any and all money owed to the central bank is null and void. All anyone owes is any reserves that your local bank or finance company may have put up to secure the bulk of the loan from the illegal Federal Reserve to get the fractional portion of your mortgage. So the most any American owes for their mortgage is no more than ten percent of the current loan amount or even less. That's because the criminal gang operating the Federal Reserve will be in jail so your payments can't go to the Fed any longer. They will be closed.


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