Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revolt Against The Bankers

Many Americans still have no idea that we have been conquered by foreign bankers. We are all slaves who now rent our homes, businesses and money from these snakes. Much of the rest of the world is in the very same boat.

The fact remains that these invaders used our own military and secret police to attack us on 9/11 to whip Americans into a rage against targets of the bankers in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition this vile sneak attack has been used to tighten the noose around our liberties and so far most Americans have passively accepted this loss of our God given rights. This has been the most disgraceful time in our nation's history and it leaves one wondering what should be done.

Here is the way I see it. We are supposed to be a nation of law. The national government in collusion with foreign and domestic bankers conspired and attacked us on 9/11 in a brazen false flag attack. This was supposed to be the final power grab but things did not go exactly as the conspirators had planned. So we have been left with a chance to save ourselves if only a majority of Americans awaken from their television programming.

We need to revolt against these invaders using the truth to unite us as we seek justice. The treason goes right through the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore the central bank is a criminal organization. As such they do not have clean hands and will not be able to legally enforce any contract in an American Court. That means any and all money owed to this private, foreign owned bank does not have to be repaid. What this means is Americans only need to pay back their lenders for the reserve capital they put up to secure the Federal Reserve fractional portion of their loan. If your local bank or finance company is not legally required to pay the Federal Reserve there is no need for any American to pay this loan portion back either. So most loan payments would drop by 90%. If a bank is also involved in criminal activity and treason then all debt owed to it will be null and void as well. This means all homes and businesses which paid Mortgages to these banks would immediately become fully owned by the borrower.

To sum up, we will rip these foreign vipers out of our nation and take back our country. No American should be responsible to pay even one penny to these criminals. In the short term the Treasury should issue greenbacks like Lincoln did to fund the Civil War. In the long run we need to decentralize and legalize alternative currencies that are based on real things like precious metals. If you spread the word until these truths become self evident then Americans will revolt against the foreign invading bankers and traitors among us. Once we have seized ownership of our country and money then it will be no time at all before we are building a rich and powerful nation.

You have to admit we're going to hell in a hand basket following these televised traitors.


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