Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Decides? Stop Being FOX'S Bitch!

This is especially pertinent to those of you who believe networks like MSNBC are a pack of liars but FOX lets you decide and is always fair and balanced. They are ALL of pack of liars!!!

Sadly, FOX has been caught red-handed doctoring your news broadcast, once again, to manipulate your perception of reality. How?

By now you've seen on the news how Ron Paul was booed after winning the CPAC straw poll. However, it never happened - at least not in 2011. What your fair and balanced FOXES did was play the 2010 video of Ron Paul winning the straw poll - not the actual footage of Ron winning the poll this year. Why? In 2010 many Americans were still believing the propaganda spewed by the networks smear of Ron Paul. So in 2010 when he won the poll many in the crowd booed. However, by 2011 most Americans have come to know Ron Paul as an honest decent man of conviction and fidelity to the Constitution and his oath of office, unlike the bulk of the other traitors in media and public office.

So this year at CPAC when Ron won again the crowd went wild and cheered. However, unless you see the actual footage over the Internet which clearly shows the crowd going crazy in support of Ron Paul you'd never know it. Fortunately, the real video is just below if you want to truly be informed. You have a choice alright. You can ignore this truth and continue to be FOX'S bitch who will lay down for them and believe anything these shills air or you can watch the three minute video below to see a perfect example of how one of the enemy networks lies in order to manipulate your perception of reality.

Of course many of you like to be punked by the media in this manner.


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