Sunday, January 23, 2011

WeeklyciaLeaks And Cuban Exiles

This is what WikiLeaks is for certain. WikiLeaks is the 21st Century rudder the elite banking/bombing oligarchical alliance hopes to deploy to replace the now widely discredited old television networks and national newspapers and magazines.

You can thank Cubans for being instrumental in the destruction of the just mentioned old guards of disinformation dissemination. You see amigos, it's not that we Cubans are smarter than the rest of you but I have heard there are two kind of people in the world - Cubans and those who wish they were so. It's just that we were getting the tsajob (tus-say-job) way before the rest of you Americans woke up to the gropings of government gone wild. How's that?

I suppose the best example is the universal world-class health that Americans were told that those luck, luck, lucky Cubans had on the island. Surely that alone would give most any sick American reason enough to switch to a communist system. Matt Lauer broadcast only a few years ago from Cuba about how marvelous the health care system run by government was to care for the people. Most Americans just took Matt at his word and never looked any closer. But this is the reality of Cuban universal health care and please do not go to this link if you are a bit weak in the stomach. It is very gruesome and is reminiscent of holocaust photos. So for decades all the same centrally organized national media we have today was telling American it was raining down free health care in Cuba but it was we Cubans who knew from the pain and death of our friends and relatives there on the island that the Cuban government was pissing on everybody's leg using the happy-to-oblige western media.

Before being too smug I must say that most Cubans in the exile population have been fooled and manipulated by the old media about everything else but perhaps less so more recently. Cuban exiles have mostly marched lockstep into the fake right camp right at the head of the front lines against the best the fake left camp can muster. This "what's left of our rights" battle is absolutely vital if the government and old guard media are to be successful manipulating the population.

Sadly for the manipulators who plugged Cuban style and now Obama style health care, everybody knows government and big media are deeply in bedded with one another. This could not come at a worse time for the banking/bombing elites running a goodly part of the planet and wanting it all using the big media, sold out or duped American politicians and our military to get the job done. The last thing the banking/bombing oligarchy needs is for Cuban Americans to awaken to this treachery against America. You'll never see anything like it when these political hornets get to swarming around an issue such as American freedom.

This is precisely why the CIA, which is a division of the banking/bombing oligarchy at their disposal and not the American people, had to create WikiLeaks. The agency had to have a new Internet mode to continue the manipulation and with it the infighting between Americans about distracting nonsense. How do I know that? It is all about the content of the WikiLeak releases and whose oxen get gored and whose oxen are left unmolested. When Assange asserted 9/11 was a distraction from "real conspiracies" well hell - I knew for sure WikiLeaks was an Agency asset.

But then the question begs, if 9/11 really was an inside job done by rogues within our own defense/political structure, why the hell wouldn't Castro get on his high horse and start calling the U.S. government out for murdering its own citizens? The reason is the banking/bombing oligarchy tells the Castro boys how it's going to be and have the damaging information about the brothers plus the worldwide big media monopoly to air it out any time Fidel or Raul feel like wagging their tongues a bit too much about such things as 9/11. The truth is the Castro boys are employees of the banking/bombing oligarchy in their communist division.

So ask not who is damaged by WikiLeaks. Notice who is left unscathed - the banking/bombing elites manipulating us like the wizard behind the curtain in the Land of Oz. Forget about clicking your heels amigos. Just snap out of it.


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