Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U.N. Official: 9/11 Done By U.S.

Boy the oligarchy is sure in a snit over Mr. Falk's comments on 9/11 which I course are absolutely true. I even emailed Mr. Falk to personally thank him and commend him for his courage to stand up to these weasels doing the cover up.

Notice how the ruling oligarchy like Mr. Ban the U.N. head liar who attacked Mr. Falk for his honesty. As usual the smearing suspects who probably have complicity in the 9/11 attacks as well, only condemn character but never discuss facts - facts like only three steel frame skyscrapers have ever been brought down by fire supposedly. The fact remains 100% of all steel framed skyscrapers that have collapsed at the speed of gravity onto their own footprint has been due to controlled demolition.

Mr. Ban and the entire U.N. should be smashed onto the rocks of history honestly speaking. But speaking honestly is not something that is done by traitors desperate to save their own asses.

The time runs out for the traitors once the majority of Americans wake up to the truth. Hell, the rest of the world already knows the truth and they are starting to feel badly for the duped American people. But many people around the world don't hate the American people as much as they use to because of the 9/11 coup. They see that we all have been victimized by these rogues in high places.

Thank you again Mr. Falk!


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