Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Other People Of The World

Well amigos in America, let me tell you about so many of the other people around the world. Unlike most of us, they have suffered poverty and death mostly due to having to suffer dictators installed then backed by America through the C.I.A. But the vast majority of Americans never gave that a thought because the well fed and funded majority were too busy lapping it up to notice.

So while Americans were easy chair checking the T.V. news to become informed, the vast majority of the planet knew damn well their nation's mass media was a crock of cow dung. I mean really! How many record harvests can you have in a row on the news but still have to line up in rows to wait to buy bread? In Cuba the news is always good unless it can possible be blamed of the U.S.

Then the Internet arrived, the local tyrants didn't have a clue about the ramifications of these all-powerful personal information weapons but he people everywhere have taken to the technology with a vengeance. Sadly, for most Americans this has meant using the computer to shop especially for dates or sexual gratification for dollars. But the rest of the world was a bit too hungry for such nonsense. It is because poverty, tyranny and injustice forces individuals to seek the truth searching for a better way of life. They have a keen sense of the truth and know when smoke is being blown up their donkeys. Just look at Germany where 90% of the population knows more than the American majority about what really occurred on 9/11 regarding rogues within our government. Look...I'm not America bashing either but people from other nations are very enlightened and thirsty to know more. When the stomach is empty while knowledge is available for the taking the hungry take advantage of the opportunity to forget their hunger pains as well as gain hope that this knowledge will lead them one day to a wealthier life with a full stomach.

I'm telling you all these things amigos because the fall of the autocratic government in Tunisia will not be the last and the course each nation charts after a new government is toppled will not be to the liking of the CIA. Oh sure the agency will try to get out ahead of the various coups with all the actors that they already have in place to do the play. But that Internet rascal just keeps popping up getting in the way. Once any one of these governments falls to the point where the secret files fall into the hands of the people then the fireworks will really start.

These revolutions will come about because of this new enlightenment by the people at large. In places like Ireland the people know the basic reality of their plight and how it compares to Iceland's situation. The Irish man-in-the-street understands that mostly English banks and those of other nations needed to be bailed out so the taxpayers of Ireland get to pay them more than the Germans paid for WWI reparations. The Irish have also been following the news of Iceland which told the bankers to bugger off and began arresting and prosecuting the guilty financial swindlers. The bankster media went into full swing demonizing and warning of doom and gloom for Iceland because the Icelandic people refuse to pony up half their GDP to the banksters. Naturally they've had a couple austere years in Iceland but now they are on the way up while Ireland sink and appears more like Atlantis every day.

Do you think the Irish don't know these truths? Do you think they will take this laying down? Do you realize there are scores, perhaps a hundred nations around the world with angry people who feel the same way as the Irish?

Now you see the trouble that the CIA and their meddling has stirred up. The Agency thought they could derail the train then send the people down the wrong track again. This 19th Century tactic will prove useless in the lightening fast information age.


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