Friday, December 31, 2010

Failure Is Good

Believe it or not this is true. Failure is a feedback mechanism. On the journey through life it is a dead end. Failure is telling you to turn around and try another path. At this point in our national failure we can turn around and choose another path or continue on this way and die as a republic of free people. Today most people don't understand what is happening but everybody realizes to one degree or another that this path is a road to hell...everybody.

That includes the enforcement elite...the cops, spies, TSA agents and whatnot. You are only tools who have been hired because you will follow orders to do unsavory things that you would not stand for if it were happening to you mother or sister. Perhaps that use of legal power over other individuals gives you a thrill. I would like you to know that to the top individuals in the ruling oligarchy you enforcers are looked upon as sub par humanity just like most of the rest of us. In fact, knowing how these elite powerful individuals think, I and my family should be allowed to live and even breed. My family we can trace at least to the 12th century and it is just chocked full of good breeding including two president in two different countries. So the ruling oligarchy currently operating still in the shadows may think me to be a pain in the ass for telling the truth about their activities. But they do appreciate good breeding because to them it's all about the genes. Despite being an annoying pain in the ass the elites would suffer my genetic material being passed down because that's the way they think. So if you enforcers think the elites appreciate your genes then you will remain easy to deal with. The fact is you were not hired because the elites want you to pass on your genes. The rulers feel like they are surrounded by a gene pool of slack jawed rabble who should be prevented from continuing to breed and for many to even live on the same planet with them. The elites feel the same anti-love for the police as well. When it suits their needs they always turn on their enforcers. Just look at how many cops are being fired locally and on the state level. At the same time the federal government is hiring cops. This is a plan that is designed to kill millions of people or at least prevent them from breeding too much. The easiest segment of the population for the elites to implement many of their disgusting ideas would be on individuals closest to them - their police, military and other enforcement elites.

You are police and military personnel precisely because you will follow orders. Those orders include getting vaccines and exposures to toxins that lead to most of you dying an early and painful death usually from horrible cancers and such. You do the dirty work brutally enforcing the plans of the elites while you are young and strong. You take liberty away from your fellow man and steal their things all for a declining style of life yourselves. You and your offspring are constantly poisoned under orders and you comply because your superiors tell you it's good for you. You believe them even though you know the things they order you to do to others is evil. But look around your barracks and station houses. Haven't you noticed all your buddies dying in their fifties and maybe sixties from nasty cancers or horrible diseases? How many of your kids have health problems? The reason is the rulers look at you and your kids as sub humans dumb asses as well and unworthy for reproduction rights. Plus, once you get to be my age you are not worth spit to be enforcers. So if they don't kill you off at 50 then you'd be around for decades wanting those retirement goodies the elites promised but never intended to deliver to you.

It doesn't have to be this way. The father up the chain of command the bigger the criminal in this government. Your police chiefs and military leader have been hand picked for you by traitors to you country and countrymen. They are working for foreigners who want to recolonize America. Please stop helping them abuse and kill the both of us.


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