Monday, December 27, 2010

Everything's Illegal

The situation today reminds me of when Washington, DC decided to go right turns being legal on a red light. Turning right on red became legal except where it was posted with a sign not to do so. The problem was most intersections downtown it was still illegal to make that right turn on red based on the millions of dollars the DC government spent on the signs warning that it was illegal. Financially, it would have made more sense just to buy a few signs stating where it was legal to make a right turn on red rather than purchase signs to mark the majority of intersections where it remained outlawed.

What this is like is the law in general now. Today, there are so many things that are illegal that we are coming to the point in American history where it might be cheaper and less complicated if the government simply stated what is still legal in the land of the free. Everything else will be assumed to be illegal. As it is now every American breaks the law everyday though most never realize it. Who gets prosecuted when everybody is technically a criminal under the law has everything to do with politics and connection to power.

It's just like in royal times. In fact the powerful hand down their power very often to their offspring just like the kings and queens of old Europe. The powerful elites don't break the law - they make the law that we serfs must obey or face punishment. Even so most serfs look up to the elites while the elites look down their noses in disgust at us. We are nothing more than ignorant rabble to the elites who can barely stand occupying the same planet as us. As long as we remain dutiful slaves to the royals while staying out of their way and their view we have a better chance of remaining alive.

But here is my feeling about people. I've known a tremendous number of people from all walks of life and economic/political strata. I've seen eye to eye with them even when we disagree. What I mean is as long as they were good, honest people with a kind heart they were my equals. It never made a damn bit of difference where they came from, how much money they had or who their parents were. It only mattered who and what they were. The only people inferior to me are many of the disgusting elites like the Rothschild clan, the Kennedy's, Rockefeller, etc.

People like these cats are sub-human. They feel it is perfectly fine for them to murder millions of us through the years like they are our dog catchers but for human instead. Of course these elites are not stupid but merely cruel and inhuman as a result of generations of inbreeding. This inter-family intercourse over a hundred years ago when Darwin was first formulating his theories was thought to be a wise thing to do genetically speaking. The rich and powerful for hundreds of years have been marrying cousins and whatnot to pass on what they believed was their superior breeding and keep out the traits of the riffraff. Of course today we now realize that this approach instead causes the genetic flaws to be passed on rather than the good traits. This is why mongrel dogs are generally smarter, better dogs than pure breeds.

The elites have a great deal of criminal, psychopathic and other negative personality traits which they have as a result of screwing around with their own family. Think of them as Ted Bundy or Charles Manson with money. In 2011 they will do very bad things but they will do their best to hide their culpability. They are not stupid - just cruelly cunning. They know if regular folks, who would not even dream of behaving so horribly, ever found out what the royals were doing to the rest of us then surely it would be off with their heads and not our asses again.


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Spot-on Tomás, what amazes me is that people do not seem to realize they are being played every single day, take for instance on one side of the issue we are informed about the consistent abuse of power and authority by law enforcement personnel who clearly don't give a damn that their actions are being recorded, we know that only the tip of the iceberg of these cases hits the news, which means it is taking place at a frightening level; on the other side of the issue the population is constantly bombarded with a plethora of pro-law enforcement programs, movies, stories (most exaggerated) and the droning of people like O'Reilly and Hannity -- to name a few -- who seem to know no end to their accolades for law enforcement regardless of the abuses that take place daily, it boggles the mind of "outside the box" thinking people like us that what is so plainly obvious to us evades the populace at large.

Let me tell you what I've done, I cancelled my DirecTV account and do not bother to watch the local news affiliates, after all, I know that 99.99% of what they're going to say is B.S., and what truly matters doesn't get reported at all (out of sight, out of mind, if it's not reported it didn't happen,) besides, I got tired of getting pissed off at the TV personalities spewing their daily quota of deceptions, they shall not get a penny of my money, fuck them all.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Merry Christmas Angel,

You have spoken my mind. I can barely stand the news. I tolerate it to see what they want me to believe so I have a better idea what is likely.

3:04 PM  

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