Thursday, December 30, 2010

Manipulating The Manipulators

The information warriors have done it again. Apparently WikiLeaks now plans on releasing information about Israel. Why? It is because our Internet freedom fighters pointed out how queer it was that no bad news had been released yet about Israel. That called into question where the leaked information was coming from and what was the real purpose of the leaks.

By the freedom fighters pointing out the Israel omissions as well as Assange claiming 9/11 was not an inside job, this forced the hand of the Agency. They had to give WikiLeaks something about Israel or the omission would have become too suspicious. So information about Israel will be released and it may very well show how ruthless the Mossad can be. However, the perception from the release will be that, though ruthless, the Israelis needed to act this way in dealing with Hamas and Iran. In other words the cruel acts by Israel will be deployed like the TV show "24." Even though this fascist production shows US intelligence agents committing horrendous crimes it is all for the good cause of stopping that nuke from being detonated by the terrorists. It is not that Islamic nuclear terrorism is a real concept mind you. But by showing just how abusive the agents are in these dramatic numb skull productions it conveys the notion that we could be vaporized at any moment. The truth be told any one of us in American cities could be killed in a nuclear attack but it won't be Iran, Hamas or any Islamic terrorist organization doing the detonation. The nuke will be U.S. manufactured, deployed by filthy traitors to America at the demands of the foreign invaders.

It will be the same rogues that use to steer and manipulate the public with the television networks. Now that everybody realizes the networks are worthless the Agency is deploying WikiLeaks. I'm not saying Assange is necessarily on the inside. More than likely he is another patsy whether he knows it or not. He, like the rest of us, is merely a tool with which the oligarchy uses to get what they want.

The Internet has opened up new ways for the traitors to manipulate the public as well as new methods for actual red blooded Americans to fight back. We are in the in-between period now where fewer people watch or believe the networks while getting more and more news and information from the Internet. Still most folks remain manipulated by networks like NBC which is owned by General Electric and their war manufacturing business. Is it any wonder their news promotes perpetual war against unseen foes who we can never actually defeat? But now the new breed of reporter is replacing these info-sellouts from the networks. These 21st Century reporters like Drudge and Prison Planet are turning up the heat by telling the unvarnished truth. Even so the majority of Americans don't know about these sites providing honest news and information. But you better believe the secret police monitor these sites and even have tax funded trolls commenting on the chats to manipulate and deceive.

Therefore I was certain WikiLeaks would release something about Israel. Why? The reason is because I and others had already pointed out that WikiLeaks had been mighty quiet about Israel and that looked suspicious. So before the majority of Americans have had a chance to realize this reality pointed out by myself and others over this new Internet news machine, the Agency sent a few Israeli documents WikiLeaks' way. But these releases and the rest have one thing in common - they never damage the rogues within Agency or the foreigners they collude with to crush America and consolidate their power and control over us.

The Founding Fathers feared centralized power and believed they had established a constitutional republic that would block this type of consolidation of government. One of the main reasons for the separation of powers was to prevent a foreign take-over of the American government. Sadly, today foreigners control our money supply and our secret police using rogues within the Agency and military intelligence. Just these levers of control over the American population give the foreigners recolonizing America ample weapons to accomplish this goals. Even so they want more control so the foreign invaders secretly attacking the American public just got Congress to pass a bill that will crush the family farm, farmers' markets and even our home gardens. So foreigners control the networks, the secret police, the food, transportation centers, the money supply, much of the water supply and much more to one degree or another. It looks like 2011 is the year the invaders go for broke while the American public is still a rabble of duped victims worried about 2012 and the Mayan prophecies nonsense. Whether the traitors nuke us or "mandemic" us the purpose will be to sow chaos to allow total control over the frightened population. An emergency so great must be created that the Internet will be pulled as we know it so the population can be driven back into the information dark ages.

Since the traitors read my blog everyday I would kindly ask that you take this message to the foreigners planning another numb skull false flag attack this year. It will backfire. What you want is to drive Americans into the urban centers where we can be more easily corralled and controlled. But a nuke or mandemic will have just the opposite effect. Even now everybody wants to get out of the city except a few fools who want to party hearty like it's 1999 in the city bars and discos. It won't make a damn bit of difference whether people know the truth about the attackers or are deceived and think Islamic bogey men or mother nature did it. Americans survivors will grab their guns and head for the hills. The engines of our economy, the cities, will become abandoned ghost towns. At the same time the surviving American people will rediscover their American roots living in the countryside while becoming totally uncontrollable by centralized powers.


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