Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stock Manipulation

The White House plunge protection team is manipulating the stock market. They are buying stocks to artificially boost prices. That's because Americans have such a simplistic understanding of economics that as long as the market is not plunging downward they falsely believe that the economy is improving. This in the face of growing unemployment. It is just another game the oligarchy is playing on you.

What's going to happen? Adam Smith wrote that the invisible hand of the marketplace always corrects the price of everything eventually. What the Treasury Department is futilely attempting to do is to re-inflate the stock market bubble. They will fail dramatically and very soon. The bubble is going to pop and the drop will be much more significant than if the government would have just left things alone.

But collectivists can't do that. They feel they are so much smarter than the rest of us that they must act collectively to intervene in everything in our lives including the stock market. Just look at the contempt Geithner's has on his face whenever he is testifying. He is a smug elitist who feels you little people must be manipulated and controlled for your own good - or squashed like bugs if you get in the way.

Still you believe the liars. After the crash perhaps not. So what the traitors to America need is some horrible devastating incident. Then they will let the market collapse and they will say, "look what that horrible incident did to the stock market. The best part for these pretend American leaders is - you will believe them.


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