Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey amigos. I worry nowadays whenever the U.S. government is conducting exercises to "protect" us. Remember, in the months before 9/11 the federal authorities were drilling repeatedly for a scenario in which airplanes would be hijacked and rammed into buildings. In fact, even on the morning of 9/11 they were drilling for such an event.

As the attack was occurring the top officials ordered the military to stand down because it was only a drill. Yes, those super Arabs from their caves in Afghanistan managed to get the entire U.S. military to stand down for two hours! If that is so we might as well just give up right now.

But that assertion is patently ridiculous! Therefore, I place the chance of being attacked by our real enemy, the rogues within our own national government pretending to protect us, at "Low" currently. However, this coming July with FEMA practicing against us again, I place the chance of another government attack at "Extremely High." This summertime period will coincide with vast social unrest cause by the central banker's destruction of the economy.

So take appropriate precautions amigos.


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