Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stop 'Em Over There?

We had to stop them over there because if we failed they would come over here. That's what the television said. So naturally we believed this conclusion. So we armed our young people, train them to kill and sent them overseas to stop them over there. We notice that the television said that, even though they admitted that several G.I.s were dieing everyday it seemed, an enormous number of the enemy were also being killed. So we feel that, while it is a shame young Americans are dieing at all, at least we are killing more of them. So we must be winning the war at least. Right?

But going on a decade the war continued until it was apparent that it would continue as long as we wanted to have our young people fight and die. So we gave up, turned tail and ran home. Over fifty thousand young men and women died to stop them from coming over here. The strange thing was, they never came here. Apparently the television lied to us. These people, who John McCain once referred to as "gooks" as he was professing his hatred for these Asian people, stopped killing us altogether. Before long they were trading with us and booking vacations for U.S. tourists.

That war was the Vietnam War. That theory was the Domino Theory. That television is the same one that is lying to us again. It is just the box that George Orwell warned us of using a technique Goebbels smugly noted - "If you tell a big enough lie often enough it becomes the truth."

I understand why my mother believes this terrorist war crap. Her only link to the outside world for the most part are the networks. So she's completely programmed. However, if you are reading this and believe the terror war crap about them coming here if we don't occupy their land over there and fight 'em then you should be ashamed of yourself! You have the Internet here that could give you all the proof of what I say but you choose to over simplify and blindly believe the television liars. These are the same Domino Theory liars that killed off over fifty thousand young Americans stopping a boogie man who never came. This is serious business. Young Americans are dieing unnecessarily again today. They are saying they don't want to be in the middle east by giving more money to Ron Paul than ALL the other candidates combined. We are enraging people in the countries in which our military occupies. This occupation propping up tin horn dictators, potentates and royalty we pay for using inflated fiat money lent out by the central bankers. It is bankrupting our nation, while enriching the banker cartel and it is the real reason our economy is taking a dive right now.

SNAP OUT OF YOU STUPOR!!! Turn off that lying machine altogether if you still believe the terrorist are coming here because you are so free and rich. You are not so much of either these days and that downward trend will continue until we can get a slight majority of you to WISE UP! SO WISE UP!


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