Sunday, November 25, 2007

Castro: 0 and 48

If the Castro's were big league managers they could never sink to that level of ineptitude. No one would ever be given that many opportunities to fail as miserably as the Castro boys have done in Cuba. Every year the nation produces less output. I've always found Cubans to be very clever people and many are pretty good ball players too! Sadly, Tomas Estrada-Palma was not among the major leaguers. Fortunately I am fair to midland in the cleverness area. So I wondered if the Cubans on the island were lacking in brain power to tolerate such feeble minded government. Then I saw both the clever ways Cubans get by doing without and the brutally repressive methods employed by the Castro government. What would I have done given these circumstances?

The clever survivors would be doing just as the Cuban people have done for 48 years. They go with the flow and escape whenever possible - either from reality or in reality over the Straits of Florida. Eleven million have survived using this method in the face of the Castro's brutality and waited for their opportunity. With the Internet that opportunity has arrived. In the past the Castro boys could get away with their evil deeds in the dark of the pre-information age. There was only one spigot of information out of Cuba and that was the official Castro government version - an always rosy scenario. That changed due to the Internet. Now every time Raul misbehaves and tortures a prisoner or sends in 30 goons to break into a home and terrorize even small children the story gets out usually with pictures or videos. This has caused Raul to hesitate where in the past he would have silently gone about executing thousands of complainers to maintain control. Now the Cuban people are becoming emboldened in the knowledge that even if Raul kills them the world will find out and the culprits brought to justice.

I know these words are reaching Cubans right now. Now is your time amigos. You are at the finish line. Spread the words...the plan...the ideas that the Internet now allows. Raul is too afraid to admit the condition of Fidel because he knows you expect change with his passing. Cambio! Therefore, when Fidel is dead go to the streets and refuse to leave until Raul's government resigns. You have time yet to spread these words and organize. You should know where to go when the time comes and what to do. One thing for certain - you will all be safer together in the open. Remain peaceful but firm. If you'll take my advice you'll head right for the tourists areas. That is where you will find lots of vacationers with cameras, cell phones and laptops ready to document any last ditch horrors committed by Raul and gang to cling to power. These are also the areas that need to be reclaimed by the Cuban people. Go have a giant fiesta at the hotels and beaches and other tourist attractions with the tourists. Make it a giant "teach in" where you finally get to educate these foreigners about the real Cuba while you all have free drinks on the house. What is Raul going to do? The tourists' presents will give you protection from the normal outrages perpetrated by the regime.

Thanks to the Internet we and the rest of the world will be watching the end of the regime in real time. That means thousands of exiles will be filling boats with everything imaginable in preparation for the trip to Cuba for the big family reunion. As this is occurring it will be up to you Cubans to begin governing yourselves. The men should form teams to maintain order. Have some fun but be respectful of one another. Once it is clear the regime is dead we will come with tons of food and drink to keep the party going. There will be plenty of time to work for the future of Cuba and the prosperity of your family. Have some fun for a few weeks. You deserve it. After all - you're on vacation right?


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