Saturday, July 07, 2012

Army To Attack The American People

This situation is exactly why I no longer watch ANY television network news. They are worthless. The news for me starts with Alex Jones and his prison planet site have scooped the networks again to bring me this story about the latest army manual to surface describing how these filthy traitors plan to murder and intern Americans. I won't bother writing to my congressman or senators because they are part of the conspiracy or too cowardly to do anything about it. Instead I'm pleading with you Americans especially the gun owners. That includes my brother who whether he realizes it or not has a big fat target on his ass for actually thinking the 2nd Amendment would be respected by the government. He along with millions of you haven't realized yet that this is NOT our government any longer. It is controlled by foreign bankers and monopoly industrialists bent on destroying America as we know it. Once people like my brother realize they have been played for fools they are going to be really angry and armed as well. That is who this manual is mostly meant for - gun owners.

I've listened to Mr. Jones' honest analysis of the situation and I agree with him 100% on this one. Basically, the economy is due worldwide to drop off of a cliff. Insiders, alarmed by what they have discovered outside of their little compartmentalized planned world, are blowing the whistle about a staged event to occur this October. This event might be made to appear as a natural catastrophe due to the fact that now so many Americans, especially military and to some degree the domestic civilian police force, understand the concept of the traditional false flag attack. Even so the traitors may stage another 9/11 style attack that will be blamed on some domestic patsies. In that event the group targeted for demonetization will be blamed for killing cops, military personnel or possibly even Obama himself. Lastly it could be that the economy does a swan dive before the traitors can stage something to blame for the sinking economy. When desperate Americans take to the streets the military is to kill them with no warning other than these leaked manuals.

Now you see why the founding fathers has such a problem with standing armies. Absolutely everyone involved with the creation of this concentration camp/execution manual and planned implementation of it are filthy traitors. They need to be arrested - rounded up like the disgusting unamerican dogs that they are. I insist that they be given a fair jury trial. Those found guilty really must go to the gallows like all traitors to the republic. Some might mitigate their sentences to life in prison if they provide information that aides American patriots in apprehending additional traitors.

Finally to you gun owners, a word of advice. Hide your guns. Keep a few where the traitors minions can find them and think that you are disarmed. When the foreign bankers' stooges in the military and police forces kill some of your friends, neighbors and relatives you may feel that you need a 2nd amendment guaranteed firearm.


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