Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fast And Furious Reality

Here is the Fast and Furious scandle in a nutshell. Either Darryl Issa has Eric Holder, his boss Barrack and others running guns to foreign and domestic drug gangs to allow the guns themselves to be blamed for the resulting violence rather than the traitors in government who armed the criminals to menace us, or Holder and company are telling the truth and there is nothing  to this story. They claim it's a partisan witch hunt.

Fortunately, if society and the economy don't collapse in the interim, we can find out the truth by examining the documents Issa is trying to get from Holder. If the documents show Holder, Obama and others have their hands clean then Issa and the Republicans would be punished in November for wasting time conducting a witch hunt. If the opposite proves the case then Obama, Holder and all the accomplices will be sent to prison or worse.

If you want to know if a crime has been committed then watch how the suspects act. The only reason Holder and his gang are not already in prison is Eric the scum knows all about the 9/11 treason, who the purpitrators were as well as other treasons he was or was not a part of himself like the Oklahoma bombing. Eric has made a number of vailed threats publically if you listen closely. He won't go down without taking the rest of the gang down with him. Remember, traitorous scum have no honor. The truth is just about everybody on Capital Hill knows the truth about the 9/11 treason as well as previous treasons. They are either scared to speak up or part of the conspiracy. Both groups must be removed from office at the earliest possible date. Either way they are cowards or criminals and have no place representing the American people.

Having said this, I believe there will be a staged event in the very near future that the traitors hope will make questions of government treason a moot point. Time will tell.


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