Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Dupe News

Good day dupes. Tomas Estrada-Palma reminding you that you are dupes, have always been dupes and will continue to be dupes until you wise up.

Today's lesson for the dim witted is about economics. Ooo scary word with possible complex meanings. Well forget about all that macro economic nonsense for a minute. I'm only talking about the big over all picture - not the minutia.

The actual fact is the only really important thing that the well healed dupe need understand is that every restriction in the economy is explained to the dupe as useful in building a safer, more prosperous society when just the opposite is true. Every restriction of economic activity is all about powerful individuals using their incestuous relationship with government to rake us over the coals.

For example medicine. Government will put you in jail for a long while if you attempt to offer any form of medical treatment other than the very narrow version of medicine sold by the medical establishment. This is said to be best for all of us. But is that really true? Lets examine this question, dupes, so that one day you might free yourselves from dupe-dumb.

The American Medical Association for the most part consists of mostly well intentioned doctors, nurses and other AMA approved personnel who also can be looked at as medical dupes. The reason is because they have been controlled for over a hundred years by big pharma. The result is medical care in America is both unaffordable to millions as well as the number one cause of death in the nation - BY A WIDE MARGIN!

I understand that you dupes never realized doctor treatments pushed by the big pharma medicine show actually kills over 700,000 Americans each year, whereas heart attacks/strokes and even cancer pale by comparison. The actual fact is the big pharma/doctor team causes most disease in America using vaccines and other treatments. The treatments are designed to make us sick so we require more treatment. The doc are dupes but big pharma is criminally responsible for more deaths now than all the government genocides of the 20th Century put together.

This Dupe Report has been brought to you so that one day you might see the truth.


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