Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea Party Of Dupes

The congressmen recently put into office by the tea party have double crossed the tea party, taken bankster cash and quietly kept things the way they've always been.

The tea party, bless their hearts. They mean well. Sadly they remain largely a party of dim wits watching network TV for information. Most are probably receiving the latest vaccines recommended by big pharma', eating GMO regularly and naturally still drinking fluoridated city tap water.

So please do not get mad at them for continuing to elect traitors like one I especially dislike - Marco Rubio. I really want nothing to do with him after he sided with Obama and signed the NDAA giving this White House pipsqueak furor powers. This is just more proof that the chemical and biological attacks foisted on Americans by Marco's puppet masters are very effective especially when combined with the controlled news over the networks.

Have mercy on the tea party. Save your rage for the crime families who have conquered America as well as their stooges like Marco.


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