Monday, April 04, 2011

Who's Correct About Fukushima?

That's not really an important issue. What's germane to this situation is what will happen if I am right as opposed to should the federal government be accurate?

Lets say the federal official are correct and 181 times higher than normal radiation in western state's drinking water is perfectly harmless. Then no one will suffer ill effects regardless of whether or not they take precautions now.

Lets say I'm right and any radiation levels exceeding normal, much less 181 times higher than normal, poses a risk especially to the young and the fetus's for a cancerous future. I'm not willing to take that risk with my kids and grand kid. Are you?

Hey, what are the risks for the federal gang? That depends on how they have answered. In this case the feds have chosen, as is always the case, to kick that can of problem down the road when somebody else is in charge. Then those future politicos will wail over this injustice. It will make great theater for their political careers.

Sadly, many of today's children and soon to be children will contract cancer from radiation exposure, especially those who's guardians allow them to drink radioactive milk and water. But today's nuclear apologists won't suffer the economic effects of a devastated milk industry or the logistical nightmare of providing safe water for millions. The cancers are decades away when most of these senile senior politicians will be dead anyway so we see their choice. A future death from cancer for our children but a less worrisome political future for these politicos today. It says everything about how they really feel about us. We are expendable. So are our kids.

Don't let your kids and grand kids consume anything radioactive. I can't believe I even have to make this warning. Have either of Obama's daughters been seen drinking any of the radioactive Perrier? How about glow in the dark milk? Has even one brave American politician flown to Japan yet to fact find or lend a hand? It seems to me that they are all staying as far away as earthly possible while giving radiation exposure advice for our children.

This is just another reason why I see most of our "leaders" as disgusting, unAmerican scum and traitors to their oath of office. They merely get great network press coverage that makes them appear to walk on water while we're drowning.


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