Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Needs Congress

What a waste of time, money and valuable Real Estate the Congress is today. They serve absolutely NO purpose and I'm tired of their monkey show on the Hill.

Obama can arrest you without a warrant and imprison you, FOREVER. Obama can torture you with cruel and unusual punishments. Obama can have his agents grope your genitals, secretly examine any aspect of your life and even watch and listen to you having relations with your spouse. Obama can deploy thousands of military troops, invade another countries and drop tons of bombs murdering innocent people, provided Obama refrains from referring to this as a war. Obama decided that only in Obama designated free speech zones will free speech be tolerated by Obama. Really, Obama can do just about any damn thing that pleases Obama as long as Obama feels Obama is doing these things for the good of the country even if the opposite appears to be the case.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that a Congress that is doing their Constitutional duty would be a valuable asset despite the expense. Sadly, our current limp leaders waste billions putting on their faux democracy show then jetting around here and there on the taxpayer's dime. But Americans appear in the majority to be stupid enough to believe the fuhrer, royalty model of government is what's best for them. So why waste limited tax revenue with a fake Congress just to give Obama political cover?

Sadly, Congress won't resign as they need the work and most are unqualified for any meaningful productive employment. Also Obama will not use his power to abolish Congress because they deflect criticism away from Obama's policies and give the allusion of a Constitution republic. Finally, most American would be oblivious either way.

Of course, in every case historically right up to the Adolph days of the 1930's, maximum rulers are jealous, petty and fearful of the people. Therefore millions of the people must be murdered to prevent the worse of all outcomes, at least in the eyes of these rulers. That's a world without these "dear leaders" running our lives for us for their fun and profit.


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