Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Your Internet Tattle Tail

Here is a perfect example of how the oligarchy knows what you are likely to do next as well as know a nation of Egyptians and Tunisians are about to revolt. Your computer is a window into your preferences and decision making processes. You tell your computer everything. Your computer and many others remember everything you assert or want in life. Therefore it's easy to know what's on your mind and millions of other minds as well.

If you don't believe me go to this site. Type in your tweet name such as: @yourtweetname. Very quickly you will receive a report about what's on your mind and what is not. Now imagine the oligarchy begins to get millions of people curious about some topic such as the flu vaccine and its safety and effectiveness. This tells the oligarchy that there is growing suspicion among the people that vaccines are harmful and ineffective. This allows the oligarchy to get out in front of the crowd before the majority becomes concerned about vaccine safety. An information campaign is tailored to address concerns about vaccine safety before the bulk of the people every realize they are going to be asking questions about the topic. Once they do so they will have already been programmed to think that vaccines are safe and effective plus anyone who questions this notion is a nut with foil haberdashery.

This tactic works every time too! The Internet is a two-way street with which the rulers play the people like a banjo. However, once one understands this tactic it become strategically worthless. Even worse for the oligarchy, once an understanding of this tactic is gained by an individual it become easy to see what the oligarchy is up to. So please stop being toys for the elites to play with and wise up. Whenever anything is asserted over television ask why the networks want you to believe those claims. Who benefits? Is there money involved? Who is the source for the information? Why are the networks bringing up this information now?

So now that you know this foreign banker controlled government knows what on your mind isn't it time you started to mind this government?


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