Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Patriot Act And Steny Hoyer

I won't bother contacting Steny Hoyer to ask him to not support the Patriot Act. In fact from his perspective he must vote for the Patriot Act. Why?

Well I could easily prove Steny is guilty of misprision of treason and with a bit of subpoena power probably outright treason. So he needs these usurped unconstitutional powers to round up people like me and you like the Nazis had to disappear us. They don't even have to give a reason or admit they've snatched us in the first place.

So guys like me they will eliminate because I've figured out too much about Steny and the gang. Maybe they'll give you the Nazi group shower because you have some things they want to steal. Perhaps you might be one of the people who Steny and the gang feel, as the Nazis did, are a subhuman - one of the profane. You should know who you are because you possess all of the deadly traits. You are lazy, slovenly and undisciplined. This has led to ignorance which allows the Steny to manipulate and exploit you right into the camps thinking you are going on holiday.

So of course the Steny is a definite "YES" on the Patriot Act. He's saving his donkey. The two Senators from Maryland are another story. Mikulski and Cardin are more likely dupes. If they are dupes and vote for the Patriot Act they will hand the Steny and gang to tools necessary to remove the dupes in the Senate while they are rounding the rest of us up. Just check your history, Senator Barb and Senator Ben to see what happened to many of the political leaders in Germany when the whip came down. So if you are dupes you will be Senators Dogmeat and Dirt if the gang gets their way. Just the notion that these violent extremists in government believe that they can decide whom is worthy of right and not the Creator should give the good Senators pause.

If the good Senators were wise as well as innocent they would be filibustering the hell out of the Patriot Act thereby acting like patriots themselves. Ben and Barb should talk it to death. We'll see...


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