Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clues To An Inside Job

Let us look at a number of facts and allow you to be the detective to solve this question. There has been only three steel frame buildings said to have been brought down by fire alone. These buildings it is said suffered a structural failure due to these fire and came down crashing through themselves exactly onto their own footprint. One can view these collapses and time the events oneself and discover the Twin Towers fell in 10 seconds while the 47 story CIA Building Seven fell in 7 seconds. In the case of the towers, ten seconds to the bottom represents the time of a free fall from that height. But it is stated by officialdom that the buildings crashed through themselves requiring much more time if this actually had happened.

Building Seven's speed of decent to the bottom was actually even faster than a free fall. The building fell at free fall speed in a vacuum meaning even faster than a rock takes to free fall to the ground. Again officialdom explains the building crashed through itself. If you believe this then you are dumb as well.

The only plausible scientific explanation is explosives that were placed in these buildings before nine eleven. The other stuff is flat earth fairy tales. The buildings were highly secure so I'll let you deduce whom to investigate to establish the origin of those expertly placed bombs used to bring down the towers.

However, these buildings were dropped too fast for fires. These building were dropped too fast for an earthquake. The structures actually did fail but not due to fires. The structural steel supports that held the building in the air were blown allowing the buildings to drop as fast and even faster than a rock.

Deal with it.


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