Friday, June 11, 2010

False Flag Imminent?

The government is running terror drills in Chicago starting on Sunday. So watch out for the next false flag attack happening there. If we look at the most recent examples of these attacks we will see clearly that those perpetrating the attack conduct drills that coincide with the attack. In London on 7/7 the government was conducting a drill in which it would be simulated on that morning that some trains and a bus would be blown up by terrorists. It was the same thing on 9/11. Our government was holding a drill that morning which simulated planes crashing into the World Trade Center at the exact hour which they in fact did. FEMA had arrived the day before in New York for the drill.

The reason for this is now also clear. Here is why they drill when we are being false flag attacked. Even the idea of this is so shocking that it might mean a huge amount of people in the government involved in a conspiracy that most people dismiss the possibility without thinking. But you do not need thousands of conspirators to pull off an inside job. Whether it be the Kennedy assassination by his Secret Service driver William Greer or 9/11 - nothing is done to stop the attack from occurring. The government stands down. Why? Because they are holding a drill. The very protectors and responders are told it is only a drill so stand down. Well, stand down was Dick Cheney's words anyway on 9/11.

Doubter are right about conspiracy. Thousands of regular Americans would not participate in such a treason. They don't have to. All that's necessary is to stop them from stopping the false flag attack from going down. The Secret Service agent in charge of Kennedy's Dallas detail waved off the agents standing on the President's flank then made sure his limo was the lead car. In the case of the 9/11 attack no one can say the military saved the day having disappeared during the entire time of the attacks. They were off drilling with their jets hundreds of miles away heading in the other direction. Isn't that convenient?

So if you are taking a plane for the next few weeks or going to Chicago you'd have to be crazy.


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