Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Network Blackout

All of the television networks are under the control of the oligarchy. Even the commercials are timed in unison. The oligarchy understands that the average American doesn't realize that most mass media has been seized by these usurpers. Their most effective weapon? It is the blackout.

When the networks deploy the blackout - it never happened as far as the majority of Americans are concerned. Take the case of Inslaw, the Iranian hostages and the Reagan administration delaying their release until he was in office. You never witnessed this history on our tube but part of it is our intelligence spooks sold spy software to our friends and foes alike. However, our spooks could slip into the backdoor to steal information these governments had collected using the software. Now they are pissed off and that's how this history is being released - not on our lame networks of course. But on the networks of the nations that were screwed by our spooks and are pretty cheesed off about it. So they are squawking in this video about the sham:


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