Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Regulate Or Not To Regulate

This isn't the question but banksters want you to think it is. Simply put, the Federal Reserve Board wants you to forget about all the fiat currency they lent out over and over again using the same dollars at incredibly low rates. NOoooo... The problem with the economy is too many people borrowed too much money lent out by mortgage companies that used poor judgment and now they will not get paid back.

What the vipers at the Federal Reserve Board don't want to talk about is that by flooding the economy with cheap money then shutting off the flow of this money it caused wild price surges like for gasoline then the prices collapsed leaving many businesses and individuals wondering what hit them. Why is their home worth half as much? Why is their 401K cut in half? Why are they unemployed because the price swings for commodities put their bosses out of business?

So Obama's answer is let the Federal Reserve have economic oversight and more power. But they should be audited which should lead to prosecutions and jail terms.


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