Tuesday, September 25, 2007

U. Not important

The collection of tyrants who pretend to speak for the people of the world become more irrelevant every day. The Iranian president says there are no gays in his country. Certainly there are none living outside the closet in Iran.

Thousands of years ago the Greeks all at once figured out that democratic government could be a powerful force against the tyrant controlled lands that menaced them. They realized that they didn't need kings. Hell! The kings needed them. However, once they were not so threatened they sunk into tyranny of the majority. But the first Americans came up with a concept that recognized individuals possessed personal rights on which the majority could not vote. Sadly, the US government does not adhere to the spirit of the United States Constitution these days.

So Cubanos - I propose the next real revolution and Raul Castro has been so kind as to provide us with the weapons. You thousands of Cubans underpaid and ignored who are in offices throughout Cuba will be the vanguard of the people's revolution. With the Internet we don't need these tyrants. The Internet allows for decentralized government that is completely under the people's control. You slaves of Cuba must spread the word to your brothers and sisters on the island. Tell them the second the tyrants are driven from Cuba we will start connecting Cubans by the thousands to the Internet with the most modern fiber optic cables. Using the Internet, moving as one will allow you to first defeat the tyrants. But more importantly, thereafter you will be able to do the same thing to any commercial interest that fails to consider Cuban interests.

The first boycott will be directed at Raul and his gang. The future ones will be directed at companies that do not act responsibly and fairly. Move as one Cubanos! Move as one and nothing can stop you...


Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

When Fidel is dead so is his regime!!!

1:08 PM  

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