Thursday, May 24, 2007



The post that follows this is an excellent example of how the Cuban government restricts then manipulates information. When the first post about the Belgian being stabbed to death was put up the Cuban agents first went for the old reliable: "It's a fake story by the 'miami-mafia' to damage Cuba's image." Then when the dead tourist's nephew confirms his uncle was murdered in Cuba, the Cuban spooks pretending to be tourists immediately switch to the "downplay-damage-control" mode. They begin pulling out statistics showing murders happen everywhere and this they believe absolves them of any responsibility. But who knows how many people are murdered in Cuba each year? The Cuban government lies about everything. I'm sure many of you tourists remember your trips were all supposed to be all inclusive but you had to buy everything right down to the toilet paper. Last year the Cuban government was telling Cubans severely ill with dengue fever, that they had "fever syndrome" and to stay in bed and take aspirin. But dengue fever can cause bleeding problems , especially with the hemorrhagic strain. So people died from aspirin complicated bleeding rather than receive competent health care treatment - all because the Cuban government wanted to keep another little secret from its own people about this life or death matter. Why? Because Fidel had promised that he personally had killed all the mosquitoes that carry the disease. Cubans died solely because Fidel didn't want to look like a pompous ass.

So you tourists go ahead and believe Cuban "statistics." I'll stick with the truth.


Blogger Roberto Jesus Companioni said...

oye the biggest mosquito who has infected the whole island as well as the rest of the world is fidel fuckin castro, he should be fumigated with pesticide , his body incinerated and then dumped into an open sewage canal.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Vana said...

You are right Tomas, God knows how many people are murdered in Cuba, we have no way of knowing since they dont publish it, I bet even people in the Island are not aware that a Belgian tourist was murdered in their midst, also God knows how many have died of dengue fever

2:06 PM  

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