Wednesday, May 23, 2007

" can't serve people raw food!!!!"

" can't serve
people raw food!!!!"

This was my second time to Cuba, my last visit was a much more pleasant experience. (Cayo Coco) However, this time around in Trinidad was a what I felt the biggest waste of my money. I am a student and I saved up for this trip for the longest time. Now, I know that the food in Cuba isn't wonderful and I was fine with that, but you can't serve people raw food!!!! I was sick to my stomach day 2 of the trip, spent almost 2 days practically in my room violently ill. The website for the resort says that there is a 24 hour snack bar and bar, The bar was 24 hours but they ran out of rum and everything else except beer and brandy every night. NO JOKE! Its CUBA how do you RUN OUT OF RUM!!!! There snack bar wasn't 24 hours, so we would be starving because dinner ended at 8. So from 7:30ish -11:30 there was NOTHING TO EAT. We had to take bananas and bread back to our room from dinner which they yelled at us when we DID take food. When the snack bar finally opended, they had only fries and ham sandwiches. The sandwiches sat there all day in the hot sun in a container. I wouldnt eat those if I were you. The staff there was absolute rude and ignorant. Louis the bartender was my only saving grace, He actually made effort to talk to you and smile and not lie to you and say there wasn't any rum when there was. He was awesome. But the rest so mean, and they would yell at you, like im not kidding! We had to beg for our a Le carte dinner because everyday it was "full" thats something you will hear alot there, " its full" and " no." I give this resort no stars, no thumbs up only way down. OH and I am covered head to toe in bites. I will post pictures as soon as possible. The beach is covered in fleas and the rest of the resort is covered in crabs, the crabs got into the cieling of our room it was terrifying. The maids didnt change the sheets, horrible! There is litterally so much wrong here that it should almost be closed down, but then my sweet Louis the bartender wouldnt have a job. : ( The only positive experience I had was OFF the resort when I went on a Hike in Topa de Collantes Mountain it was beautiful, but guess what you can go to anyother resort in Trinidad and still go on that excursion! Overall, Club Ancon can forget about me ever coming back again and I will tell everyone and anyone I know NOT to go there.


Blogger Vana said...

Well see he should have never gone there on vacation to begin with

2:07 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Amen Vana! Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Vana said...

I sure did Tomas, along with my children, hope you had a nice one

6:46 PM  

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