Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rag Obama Rag

Drag Obama drag, I can't believe it's true  
Drag Obama drag, what did you do? 
When I awoke I was really pissed
Never wanted to be a socialist

  Gag Obama gag now, shove your fiscal cliff 
Nag Obama nag, I'm putting on your gag  
Gonna see your ruse like an old caboose  
Got your tale, I need a pail
I ask about your girdle 
And you ask about a feather  
The amber waves aren't fertile 
Your administration seems like forever
And we can't pay for one grocery bag  
But all you want to do for me, Obama 
Is a brag Obama brag, you know where there's blow 
Brag Obama brag, your bankers stole all the dough
Brag Obama brag, we hear you moan
Brag Obama brag, take your skinny little body back home 
Well now we eat dog and we eat cat 
You brag Obama brag that we're on the right track
HAARP stones beatin' on the roof  
Sandy Hoof another false flag goof
Hear you and me on the telephone   
All your spying is quite well known
You don't need to sit and brag 
All you gotta do is  
Nag Obama nag, Obama nag  
Nag Obama rag, go back home 
Nag Obama nag, leave our guns and money alone



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