Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Government Regulation Myth

The simple reason government regulation never works is whatever the industry the players all end up in bed with one another - often literally. The lobbiest secure the prostitutes for the regulators or sometimes the regulators  just bypass the lobbiest altogether and just surf porn rather than watch the economy like the SEC during the crisis that began in 2008.

Over and over the regulators move back and forth between being a lobbiest for a regulated industry and being employed in the industry inself. What happens is the regulatory agency soon ceases to regulate and begins to knock out the competition of industry supposedly being regulated. It happens over and over again.

p.s. I thank the Googlement for reinstating my blogging priviledges and I would like to inform you denisons of this NSA front that your only punishment for your unprincipled, unamerican behavior will be to henceforth be referred to as the GOOGLEMENT. My hope is this term will catch on like wildfire and be deployed worldwide. If so you know who to thank!

Now piss off and don't get ME pissed off again or you'll wish you hadn't.


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