Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Obama Videos

Most likely the videos Andrew Breitbart was going to release had to do with the Weather Underground planning for the Marxist dictatorship being installed currently by one of the participants in those meeting - Barrack Obama. Listen to what this man in the video, who was there, says they were planning to do to us. The FEMA camps are reeducation camps and they estimated 25 million of us would need to be murdered because we were not good reeducating material. Naturally these Weather Underground maggots were secretly being funded by Rothschild, Rockefeller and other crime family syndicate members. This is the type of nonsense they engage in to destroy and conquer nations. If you are still alive you still have a change to eliminate the enemy before they eliminate you - like Andrew Breitbart. Listen to the thinking of the people behind Obama's philosophical background.


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